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Create liquid AND solid perfumes with this amazing assessment!


CHOOSE 10 essential oils from the list provided in the image.


Using either Formulator's Alcohol or Perfumer's Alcohol and a range of oils and essential oils, this fabulous assessment enables you to create 10 different perfumes ranging from a fine body mist right through to a full blown perfume.


Using just Fractionated Coconut Oil as a base means those that are unable to use alcohol still get to make and wear a perfume (halal friendly version).


From there you can place into a bottle, spray, rollerball, tin... the options are numerous so put your creativity to the test.


Essential oil usage in our assessments depends on the IFRA. The percentage usage for all of our essential oils are shown on your assessment so you get it right every time.


The addition of extra oils means the perfume lasts a lot longer than just using alcohol and essential oil. After much testing we believe we have created the perfect balance.


Essential oils can be mixed but you must make sure you don't use more than the permitted combined % . All allergens must be calculated to keep the combined total below the permitted allowance. All this information is provided but IF YOU NEED HELP with this or any other assessment please feel free to conatct us.


** You must only use EazyColours essential oils for this assessment. Essential oils from any other company will invalidate your product and assessment**


Please add the following to the NOTES section of your order:

The name, address and email address of the RP (Responsible Person).

Your choice of essential or fragrance oils.

Without this information there will be a delay to your assessment.


Fragrance oils, essential oils, oils etc.,. must be bought separately from EazyColours as the assessments have been assessed on EazyColours ingredients.


The responsibility of the person purchasing this assessment.

This recipe cannot be shared, sold or used by anyone other than the person named on the assessment(s).

The person named on the assessment(s) must make sure that the recipe does not differ from the end product.

It is the responsibility of the person named on the assessment to make sure that they have the correct labelling, uploaded the product(s) to the U.K Portal and have suitable insurance.


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