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Menthol is used as a decongestant in nasal inhalers, creams, patches and chest vapour rubs, shower steamers, helping to unblock the sinuses.


It is also added to cough drops and syrups to alleviate sore throats and tickly coughs and in ointments as an anti-pruritic to reduce itching.


Menthol functions as a local anaesthetic, helping to relieve minor aches and pains. It is added as a topical analgesic to creams, gels and patches to ease headaches and sprains.


Menthol also acts as a muscle relaxant, counteracting muscle spasms and cramps. In addition, it is used in sunburn lotions, fever-reducing head patches and first aid burn creams because it stimulates a skin cooling sensation.


Menthol is a terpene alcohol derived from natural mint oils extracted from the genus Mentha, primarily Mentha arvensis (commonly known as Wild, Field or Corn mint) which is grown in the Uttar Pradesh region of India, or Mentha × piperita (Peppermint – a hybrid of Spearmint and Water Mint).


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  • CAS Number: 2216-51-5 (L-Menthol), 15356-70-4 (D-Menthol), 89-78-1 (D,L-Menthol)

    EINECS Number: 218-690-9 (L-Menthol), 239-388-3 (D-Menthol), 201-939-0 (D,L-Menthol)

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