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Kerasnow is a powdered candle wax that looks just like snow!


KeraSnow is a blend of fully refined mineral and natural wax specifically developed for the hobbyist candlemaker. This wax is ideal for those who like the idea of candle making yet don't have time for long processes or want to invest in specialist equipment.


With Kerasnow you can make candles instantly. All you need to do is scoop the wax into your chosen container, add a wick and you are ready! The process is very simple if you wanted to go a little further and add scents and colour. Add a dry powder dye or add a few drops of fragrance and simply stir together in a bowl and then create your candles. This is a self-melting wax which means that once the flame has been extinguished you can simply remove the melted wax and reuse the remaining powder again and again.


You can use Kerasnow in many different containers, from glass votives for a minimal, modern look to vintage tins and upcycled plant pots. Ideal for creating bespoke pieces to suit any interior design. The container must be non-combustible so glass, metal or ceramic. Make sure the wick is set away from any sides of the container as they may shatter.


Vessels need to be at least 8cm in width to avoid wax sticking to the sides. Kerasnow can be used with a variety of wicks depending on the size of the containers.


Kerasnow is a fantastic option for centerpieces, wedding candles, and events. Use for the desired burn time and then collect the remaining powder ready to use again.


Kerasnow always looks fresh and doesn't leave unsightly residual wax in the containers.


Usage: colour and fragrance from 3% - 10% depending on preference. As usual, less is more, you can always add more, but you can't take any away.




KeraSnow Powdered Candle Wax

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