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This cannabis derived crop is actually a super oil.

It is commonly used in both the nutritional & cosmetic world for its GLA and Omega 3 & 6 content.

This particular grade is cold pressed then lightly refined to deliver an odourless and lower colour profile to that of the cold pressed.

Our hemp oil is an excellent emollient, rich in essential fatty acids. Omega 3 &6 and has hight GLA content.
Aids in hydrating & repairing mature & damaged skin. Also great for tackling eczema.


INCI Listing: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Manufacturing Method - Cold Pressed & Refined.

Origin - UK & Netherlands.

CAS Number - 89958-21-4

Suitable for cosmetic applications.


Not included in the list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products

Does not contain parabens, restricted preservatives, colorants or UV filters (Annex II - VI of EU Regulation 1223/2009).



Hemp Oil - Refined

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  • Applying heat to this oil if using in cooking or formulation will result in you burning away the goodness of the oil. Gentle formulations & dressing your salads is the answer to receive the maximum benefits of this oil.

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